Maxi Dresses For Spring

Each year Mark does a big project with his 6th grade classes (He teaches 6th grade social studies). For several years he did a “walk across America”. He routed the path from the East Coast to the West Coast and made stops along the way at different companies. He started with a northern route and then a few years later created a southern route (I’m sure he did that for himself). The northern route included companies like LL Bean, Longaberger Baskets, John Deere, and Pella Windows. Some of the southern route companies were CocaCola, Waffle House….

He did this for several years for each route, having students research the companies with a group, and report to the class. It was a hit? The kids loved it, but Mark was ready to move on….

This year he discovered something new. He watched a documentary called “Blood Road” and learned about an organization called MAG (Mines Advisory Group). MAG finds and destroy landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded bombs in places affected by conflict.  This particular movie is about mines and bombs in Laos and a young women’s journey to see the crash site where her US Air Force fighter pilot father’s plane went down and he died. Mark decided to turn it into a fund raiser, the kids gathered pledges and then walked out local trails for 3 miles each, and the funds will be donated to MAG America, and then at the end of the school year they will Skype with the woman in the documentary! He’s pretty amazing, this husband of mine!

And speaking of amazing; this dress I have on is from Lands End. Link here The blue isn’t showing on the website any longer but there are prints, solids and stripes! Their quality and customer service is always amazing! I love this maxi dress on cooler days, it keeps my legs warm but by being sleeveless I can keep cool as the day warms up later on. And don’t you LOVE my necklace? A Mother’s Day gift from my kids & hubby, it’s Brighton Here and everyone’s birthstones.

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