Navy Skort for the win

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I was so delighted to have both of my kids home. Katie is home for the summer, saving as much money as she can by living at home, incurring no expenses and nanny-ing. She’ll start her senior year of college the end of August. Jackson is just home for a couple days between his baseball team winning regionals and going on to the super regionals… the next stop before the college World Series! He’ll stay on the east side of the state, working full time and playing some baseball on weekends to keep his skills up (and because he loves it so much). We’re headed to the northern suburbs of Chicago to watch him play this weekend, we’re hoping for good weather and good results. The radar is not looking favorable, but we’ll be flexible!

For Mother’s Day we had Marks family over. His mom, one sister and one brother live here in town, so they along with their kids and Marks aunt all came for a cookout. The weather didn’t cooperate, so we grilled outside but ate inside. We may or may not have had a slight battle over the thermostat… I’m overly frugal when it comes to things that are not fun to pay for: electricity, natural gas, water, so the heat is usually low and once May hits… it’s OFF!

Which also means it’s hard to pick outfits, it’s chilly in the mornings when I leave for school and very warm by the afternoon. This navy skirt is super comfortable, super easy to wear and still looks professional. QVC is where you find this one: Click here to see options. The cotton top is from Chico’s, I like the length and the rounded hem, both flattering along with the dropped shoulder. See here. The denim jacket is a classic (ie been in my closet a while).

One thought on “Navy Skort for the win

  1. Hey Kim
    Happy Mother’s Day
    Yes I love skorts they are comfortable and professional to wear to work. But Chico is one of my favorite stores. They have fantastic sales and quality is always good.
    Wonderful that you had all your children home for your special day.


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