Whole 30 … again

Here we go again, Katie is usually leading the pack with this, she is SO much better at it than I.

The really good news is we have an amazing small grocer in our downtown called The Red ox Market and they have tons of tons of items that are compliant with Whole 30. Everything from salad dressings to Nutpods to ketchup.

It is more expensive that regular sugar filled, chemical filled items from your big box store, but surprisingly not as expensive as Amazon for most things, also less expensive than Whole Food and Fresh Thyme grocers.

Once we start this, EVERYONE jumps on board, let’s face it, they don’t have a choice…. guess who does the shopping and the cooking….. Kyle hasn’t been with us when we’ve gone on a ’round’ so he still has his diet soda and probably some other “cheater” items, and Mark still has his 2 beers at night after dinner, good for the digestion, but for them, they are doing pretty well. For us, we just cook meats, veggies, potatoes, the occasional riced cauliflower (out of the frozen section of course) and eggs for breakfast.

It’s amazing to me how much better I sleep and surprisingly how much better my brain functions without all that sugar. Seriously, look at labels, just for grins and giggle, there is sugar in almost EVERYTHING, and why? why? why? does there need to be sugar in everything? Sausage, bacon, almost all condiments, almost all dressings, and lunch meat, etc, etc. etc… so if nothing else, this is a great ‘cleanse’ for your body!

Aren’t these pants fantastic? I love this royal/bright blue color and so slimming. The tunic is from Cato and I love the colors in it. When I wear matchy-matchy like this I feel like I’ve matched it using garanimals…. Anyone else remember those? The tags had animals on them and to find a matching outfit you just matched the animals on the tag. Tigers go with tigers, Elephants go with elephants, etc. I think it was to prevent that style that kids LOVE where NOTHING matches and in fact most things they wear clash so much it hurts your eyes!

My preschool teacher bff used to tell me: “let them wear what they want, it fosters independence” and “it’s not a reflection of your style or you”. Suuurreeeee, it wasn’t her kids wearing orange shorts with purple shirts, tank tops with sweatpants or dressed with leggings that clashed. But I listened, and the funny part is, to this day, Katie and I do not have the same likes or dislike in clothing. Sometimes, but we definitely have different styles.

One thought on “Whole 30 … again

  1. Kim
    I have been sugar free for over a year and have lost 28 lbs and feel great. I had a Diabetes scare and it made me look at all labels and cut out all sugar and white flour, fast foods and sodas. My diabetes is gone and I am feeling better for the changes.

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