Wear White Before Memorial Day?

Do any of those old fashion rules still apply? Only wear white pants or shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day, hats to church on Easter Sunday, always wear a slip with your dress……

Well let me just tell you, not only did I wear white pants this week, it’s a MONTH before Memorial Day! However thanks to Alamo Car Rental and a free upgrade, my coolness factor went through the roof! I was feeling so sassy, I may consider buying a car like this for our next vehicle.

Alamo ran out of mid-size cars so they asked if I was okay with an upgrade to a small SUV, well sure I was, especially when I found out it was a sporty little white Jeep Wrangler! Oh my goodness! I’m not sure how great it is when your car is way cooler than you are, but let’s face it, most things are cooler than I!

Look at this great little summer pull on dress though, very affordable, super cute and very, very comfortable!

I like that you can dress this up or just be casual. A statement necklace really does well with this neckline and the color is a great rich navy, the ruffle on the bottom just adds a little femininity to an otherwise plain ok’ t-shirt dress!

So my opinion, yes-wear what you like, when you like, and rock it with confidence!

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