I often say to Mark “don’t borrow trouble” when he starts in with “what if’s”. Whether it’s the kids or money or retirement or the extended family, don’t spend time worrying about what might happen IF this other thing happens. Life naturally gives us enough this to worry about without “what-if ing”, or “borrowing trouble”.

But this time it’s me, so I’m gonna ask for some prayers. My little buddy Hank, the 46 pound four month old yellow Labrador retriever puppy seems to have a mass on his right from gum where one of his front teeth should be.

The vet seems concerned, and he’s a pretty unexcitable kind of guy. He gave us a round of antibiotics incase It’s really just an infection, but at the same time scheduled him to have it removed this coming Wednesday.

So I did that one thing you’re never supposed to do and googled it. Which REALLY freaked me out.

This little yellow ball of fur, who grows inches and pounds DAILY has just really attached himself into my heart and into our home. He’s given our nine year old yellow lab mix a new lease on life, he even moves better now ( he’s got some arthritis), and I’m just really worried about this diagnosis.

So if you’re a praying person, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for a good outcome for this vet visit on Wednesday, and the strength make the tough/right calls if they are needed!

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