Martha and Mary

Marys and Marthas…. We were just talking about that story in the bible last weekend. There are Marys and Marthas in this world. I realized a long time ago that pretty much most people fall into one category or the other, very few are a little of both. The great thing is, if you can just recognize which you are, and recognize that there are also the opposites, you’ll avoid being annoyed or stressed by the other.

What do I mean by this? In the gospel of Luke, Jesus and the disciples came to a village and were invited into Martha’s home. Martha had a sister named Mary who sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to what he had to say. All the while Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. So while Mary was content to let all else be and just sit with the Lord, Martha felt the need to make sure the food was prepared and all was ‘taken care of”.

Neither is right, neither is better, both are needed, so embrace your inner Martha or your inner Mary and accept those others around you.

It’s another grey day here in Michigan, I wore the brightest, most colorful jean I could to bring a little sunshine to my day. I’ve got these fabulous Chico’s jeans I’ve worn before with an orange top from Lane Bryant this time.

The floral necklace was from JC Penney last year, I have a green dress that it looks great with!

The shoes a a brand called Naot, from Israel and they are shoes that you can literally walk miles in. They’re expensive, they run $125-$175, but worth every penny.

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