Is My Family Even Normal?

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I were talking about Katie introducing a new friend of hers to all of us, she spent the winter semester in DC doing an internship on Capital Hill and she made new friends so we were talking about what other’s first impressions of our family would be….

You see we used to be very presentable! Mark was a Command Chief in the US Air Force for two different bases. This responsibility comes with some perception; dignity, morals, values, class, integrity, you see where I’m going with this. Heck, we even had training called “dining with diplomats” and all the etiquette that goes along with it.

Well, “we’ve come a long way baby”, do you remember that old advertisement? And not necessarily to the plus side! I won’t say that teaching middle schoolers, pets, and teenagers affected our decorum- but it did.

The pets have definitely taken over. Notice the wonderful couch cover that keeps the pet hair off of my sofa, because we can’t keep the pets off the sofa-their feelings might be hurt…. Yes, the pets are in control.

That is a good 10-15 toy mice that our cat loves, hidden behind the bookshelf, why look for old ones when you can just buy more?and speaking of pets, they aren’t allowed on the kitchen table either!

Then there’s the husband, always up for a good laugh and a goofy picture, usually leading the shenanigans!

There are injuries …..

Silly Snapchat pix

There’s a “FUNcle” , Uncle Kyle to be more specific, who is just enough to add some more fun to the mix!And then there’s me…. usually bringing up the rear, making sure everyone has everything, being the pack mule or dinner maker or bandaid giver or travel agent.

So, whomever my children choose to bring home, I hope they have a good sense of humor. We might not be very fancy but by golly we have fun and there is always a lot of laughter in our home.

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