3 Ways to Wear It

This past weekend Jackson was pitching for his college baseball team, it was the second game of a double header, the first game he hit his first college homerun ( of course I was in Florida and didn’t see it, the first homerun I’ve ever missed). What an exciting accomplishment, he hit quite a few in his high school career, but this was his first college bomb.

He was the starting pitcher in the second game, Mark was there at the games but had run to subway and so missed the first inning of the game. What he missed was a batter hitting a hard line drive straight off the bat, right to Jackson’s torso. His words …” thank goodness I have a dad-bod or it could’ve turned out really bad”.

The ball game came off the bat at about 104 miles per hour, and of course the pitcher is only 60 feet from the batter so when the ball hit, it hadn’t lost much of its force.

The good news is he’s just fine. He’s got a nasty bruise and he may be a little flinch-y next time he pitches, but there was a lot to be thankful for that day.

And isn’t that how we should look at it? Be thankful for the good, be thankful for the big things and the small blessings, wouldn’t the world be a much more pleasant place if we all just looked at what to be thankful for instead of looking for the negative or only seeing what we DON’T have.

That doesn’t mean you have to run around like Pollyanna all the time with your head in the sand, but even in the midst of crisis or drama or trying events, but you can be aware of appreciate the small good things.

Here’s a good thing, as you’ve seen this spring, I’ve found some great things at the store Chico’s, and do you know when you shop online they have a feature that shows you 3 ways to wear/accessorize the item that you are looking at. I love this feature! Usually I have to log onto Pinterest to figure out how else to wear something.

I sincerely love when things are made easy for me, Chico’s is doing the work for me here and I appreciate it and it is one small thing I am grateful for.

One thought on “3 Ways to Wear It

  1. I SO love your blog! Makes me MORE thankful and I love seeing your face everyday🥰

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