Date Night

Mark & I tried to have a date night again last night. Being empty nesters I didn’t think we’d need “date night” to have time together, but my brother is staying with us for a few months, we have a new puppy and it’s Mark really busy time of year with the Boys and Girls State program.

Last week we decided to go to a restaurant two towns over so hopefully we wouldn’t know anyone and could have a nice quiet dinner. We pulled in the parking lot, there weren’t too many cars so it looked good. As we got out of our car we looked over and there were our neighbors also getting out of their car! We love our neighbors so we really enjoyed our evening.

This week we tried again, a friend of Marks was in the hospital in Grand Rapids, so we drove down for a quick visit and then went out to dinner. PF Chang’s was pretty quiet so it started out being a lovely evening. When Mark’s phone rang for the 3rd time in a row he decided he’d better answer it, there went our date night. He had a school issue he had to deal with.

This is our life. We are volunteers and we love it.

Look at this polka dot top I found at TJ Maxx, I’m wearing my favorite skinny ankle ANA white jeans from JC Penney. I found these adorable shoes at Bealls ( did you know you can shop online there?!), I need some polish, I know, I tried this new brush on polish, it was awful and rubbed right off.

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