The Power of Prayer

I live in the most amazing community. This past weekend some members of one of our families were involved in a horrible auto accident. The number of people who within hours were praying for this family was overwhelming. Hundred of people commenting on Facebook posts, lighting candles at Mass, sharing information, asking other to pray for this family. Even comments like “I don’t really know how to pray, but I’ll do my best”. Someone who doesn’t even know how to pray is willing to go out of their comfort zone, maybe even beliefs, to help someone else.

THIS is the community I live in, I have my roots in, the community that I call home!

You know the people are great here when they choose to go on vacation to the same place, at the same time as 50 other families from here, and stay in the same general area and all spend some time together.

There are so many examples of people in our community rallying around each in times of need, fundraisers, meal-trains, Galas…,. We even have a gas station who has a big sign and posts births, deaths and pray fors on it. You know you’re a part of something special when your 50th Birthday makes the sign!

This is my community, this is my home!

I’m so blessed to have found another community that is as supportive, and that is my Rodan + Fields community! I’m so looking forward to spending 4 days with these ladies in just a few weeks.

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