Hank the Tank Update

Hank was 15 weeks old on Friday and he is fitting right into our family so well. We’ve done some adjustments, and each adjustment makes it so much better!

Remember a few weeks ago Hank was not sleeping through the night? Babies usually don’t, and he was in his kennel but would whine or bark and wake us up a couple of times a night. And we really have only used a kennel for our puppies safety. Who KNOWS what they can get into while we’re sound asleep.

Well after watching him for a couple of days we realized this puppy has to be touching someone, one of us or our 9-year old lab Chief, all the time! So he was waking up so often because he’s so lonely… left him out of the kennel, and ever since (unless one of us gets up to go to the bathroom, he sleeps all night! Lesson learned!

We’re at Jackson’s game in Saginaw today, it’s a blustery one! Fun to watch Jackson pitch well in the first game, and now play 1st base well in the second.

Of course I have my fan gear on, too bad I’m so bundled up no one can see it!

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