You know I like to share the good!!!!! Have you done the white strips thing? Or the dazzling white store brand toothpaste thing? I certainly have! I think along with really good skin, something people notice right away is your smile. I’m a big admirer of pretty teeth, probably because I never had braces as a youngster, it wasn’t as prevalent in the 70’s as it is now, and in the early 80’s orthodontist work wasn’t like it is now, there was talk of breaking my jaw and realignment… ummmm NO Thank You! So I don’t have a perfect smile or bite. BUT, I do have very clean, very white teeth. Thanks in part to good hygiene and a great dentist and hygienist, but also thanks to this phenomenal toothpaste I was introduced to last year! You can message me for more info, but I love it! The weathers been a little chilly, so I broke out the spring sweaters. I love this light pink when I see it on others, but I own a whopping TWO pieces of it-this sweater by Lane Bryant and a pair of pants.

I did find this necklace at Serendipity in Big Rapids, that wonderful local boutique I told you about the other day!

Great skin and white healthy teeth… I’ve got you covered!!!

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