Mom’s versus Dad’s

I promise you this is not a bash on dad’s! I absolutely adore my husband, respect him, admire him…. but for the love of all that is holy, I’m gone for one night and you’d think The puppy destroyed the entire house by what I heard when I got home.

When In fact he tore a small hole in his dog bed and pulled some stuffing out. Granted there was wrestling and yipping and fierce fake growling at 4.30 am, but here’s the difference between moms and dads ( at least in my experience)… if I were home and that was going on, naughty puppy would get kenneled and big sassy dog would get banished from the room. A little white noise and a few more hours of sleep and all would be well! But dad felt bad kenneling or banishing so the chaos continued!

Maybe it’s self preservation, years of middle of the night nursing and colicky babies, but a little whining isn’t worth losing sleep over!

Of course when he destroyed the American Flag in the back yard, the word ‘communist’ may have come out of Mark Brejcha’s mouth… but what puppy in his right mind could resist an American Flag waiving AT NOSE LEVEL!

I’m down to the 2nd to the last dress from Bealls, click Here and I JUST DISCOVERED that I can order online!!!! Uh-oh! This one is about an inch or 2 shorter than the others, so I tug it down a lot when I’m sitting at my desk. May just rethink where I wear it!

I DO love paisley! These shoes are a company called Abeo, click herethey have great arch support/ which I need!!

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