Best Friends

Don’t you love this baseball shirt? I love the personalized things I can find on Etsy!!

Jackson had a lot of baseball this weekend, and I just hated leaving my new pup, Hank, again after just being gone for 10 days, but Jackson played in Detroit today, 3 hours south of our house and tomorrow he plays a home game in Saginaw, so rather than drive 3 hours home and then 2 hours back to Saginaw, my brother and I drove here to Saginaw and are staying in the Fairfield Inn, and Mark will drive over tomorrow. He had a very important fundraising dinner for the American Legion Boys’ State.

Hank really was fine with me leaving though because he has his best friend Chief there! They have quickly become inseparable. Whether it’s playing, eating, sleeping or looking for intruders.

All in all it was a good baseball day, although Jackson got hit in the calf with a line drive while pitching so he only played half of the second game. He’s fine; stiff, sore and limping, but fine. His first game and a half were great though. Delta won the first game, but lost the second.

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