Isn’t it interesting how the Lord puts things in your mind and then you see it over and over until you pay attention….

Today’s theme was about comparing your selves to others… whether it’s others’ vacations on Facebook, children who seem perfect in social media, diets that work amazing for others, bigger houses, more successful careers (perceived of course)… just tons of things out there to make a gal feel inadequate…

but I’ve said it before, behind the scenes, we all jump on that struggle bus from time to time, and THATS OKAY! Check out this meme I saw today, after comparing myself of course…,

Jus be yourself, you’re exactly how God made you, revel in it! (and don’t mind my imperfect selfies with EXTRA SHOES IN THE PHOTO! 🙄). And while you’re reveling check out this poncho I found at Chico’s in Destin with my friend L!!! We actually had to order it because it was sold out in the store.

I’ll bet she’s wearing hers this week as well. I’m thinking this will look great with jeans as well as these Khakis. And speaking of Khakis, these are from Wal-Mart. Very simple, very good looking and amazingly priced! And they wash up beautifully. Finishing the look with a long gold chain from”Alter’d State”. LOVE this store!

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