Sitting in the sand, listening to the waves of the ocean makes may thoughts go deep! Especially as I’m sitting there surrounded by good people.

As I sat there yesterday, I looked around and just thanked God for how blessed we are, how thankful we are to have chosen the Big Rapids community to put our roots down in. We are surrounded by good people with good morals and values who are living good lives.

There are friends there who made sure we had wrist bands to get onto the beach with everyone and a parking pass even though we aren’t staying in the same neighborhood with them all this year.

There are friends who offer a beer or soda from their cooler, because we came right from grabbing our suits and hadn’t stopped at the store yet.

There are friends who offer their extra room if we’re to tired to drive the 25 minutes back.

There are dear friends who Mark and I are so close to but we rarely get to see because their children are as active as ours and they live an hour away. There’s my dear friend who rules in a man’s world so she sounds tough, but she’s got a heart of gold and giant feelers to match it.

There are school families and church families, families from the neighboring towns, families who our kids played sports with. There’s my friend who always sure his family attends Mass, and he may go more than once!

And let’s not forget our dear friends who open their home to us, in this weird empty nest transition year-as I sit out here I’m so thankful that we’re still good friends even post military, actually even better friends!

I believe that who you surround your self affects your well being; there are people who bring negativity and end up draining the life out of you and there are those people who are positive and life giving. My heart is full this day because i have surrounded myself with the good!

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