I just love Ruffles

Do you ever go into something with the best intentions of being super productive and super motivated, but something comes up and you don’t get too much checked off your to-do list? Yeah, me too!

When we went to Orlando to see Jackson play baseball a few weeks ago, I intended to spend some time taking some photos, with the fancy camera not the cell phone camera, to put up on the blog. I took or bought clothes to talk about, I had all the jewelry and makeup in my extra large suitcase. But the only thing the fancy camera was used for was to take baseball photos.

I misjudged how long it would take me each day to get to the ball park, so that alone took time away from each day, and the resort that we stayed at was so fabulous that we spent WAY more time at the pools and walking around the trails than I had thought we would, and we LOVED every minute of it!

The couple of pictures that I did take were with one of my favorite dresses of this year. It’s soft cotton WITH pockets and RUFFLED sleeves. The grey stripe is quiet and subdued so I wore it to Disney Springs as well as Mass on Sunday.

I don’t know what it is about these ruffles, is it because they’re feminine? Fun? Young? I don’t know, but I’ve got about half a dozen shirts for this spring and summer that I have found with this ruffle. I don’t know if it’s age appropriate, but I love it!

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