Remember my post “puppies puppies puppies”? Well, as with most things in the Brejcha household, an opportunity arose and we jumped in with both feet. I’m not sure we we’re ready, but like with most things, if you wait to long or analyze too much, waiting for the ‘perfect time’ , you probably won’t do it.

One of my high school pals has Labrador Retrievers, I saw her post on facebook that she had 11 puppies, shortly after they were born, which was about the time I wrote the last post about puppies. I put it aside, we weren’t ready yet, wasn’t ready to fall in love again.

But then this past weekend, another one of my high school friends commented that he was adopting a chocolate lab, from our mutual friend….. AND there just happened to be two left of this litter…. SO with a little communication, after Mass for the second Sunday of Lent, with perfect weather to make a 4 hour each way trip, I grabbed my brother, who’s always up for an adventure and headed to IL to pick up Hank (or maybe buddy as that’s what I always call him).

Last night was rough, I’m not going to sugar coat it, our 9 year yellow lab, Chief was so overly excited to have a new buddy, he overwhelmed and scared the little guy. However, by morning they were the very best of friends. There is sharing of treats, and tennis balls and chew ropes. Lots of sniffing and drooling and snuggles.

I’m hoping to get a little more sleep tonight, but with fur babies… who knows….

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