It Takes a Teenager

Jackson called me yesterday and asked for permission to post a hockey video from our Godson. He gained my friend Trisha’s permission (the hockey players mom) and posted it on his Twitter feed with some kitchey words, added a few hashtags and went to bed. When he woke up, this tweet had 110 thousand views, as of an hour ago it had 215 thousand views. What a hoot!!! I put up beautiful pictures on Instagram and write a blog and get a couple of hundred follows on a great day! Apparently I need to put it in the hands of one of my kids!

Today is one of those crazy late winter/early spring days when all the ice and snow are starting to melt, it’s warm out, and it’s raining. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. It’s hard to figure out what to wear! A few years ago I ordered this grey pair of pants, but when they came they were more a blue/periwinkle grey than a grey-grey. It’s hard to find things to wear with them, so when I find shirts that coordinate it, like this tunic, I snatch them up. I have to admit though, I do really like a tunic. Especially a tunic in a print. This morning I could’ve used a sweater over it, I was chilly. But as the day wore on, I warmed right up.

Check out the detail on the color of this shirt, I didn’t even put a necklace with it, I kind of like the ease of that.

Then there’s the question of shoes. My feet have been encapsulated in socks for months, and although I’m not ready to wear sandals, it felt nice today to wear flats instead of boots!

Wish us luck here in Michigan as the snow continues to melt and make a mess out of everything. Flooded basements and washed out roads are in our near future!

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