The perfect phone case

I can not find the perfect phone case! I’ve been trying to find the perfect solution to how to carry my hotel room key, a credit or debit card and my phone without carrying a purse. I have found phone cases that I love how they look, but they don’t have a place to carry my cards, and if I put the cards between the phone and case (tucked inside) it erases the hotel room key, I found that out the hard way this past weekend in Cocoa Beach.

I have several cases that I really do love, but I don’t want to attach one of those card holders to the back of it, because I really like the case! Who would want to cover this case?

I also tried the case that has a front flap with slots in it for the cards. Every time I took pictures, the flap got in the way.

I do like how this polka dot Kate Spade case matches my polka dot shirt.

Not intentional at all, but I had to take a picture when I saw it. The polka dot shirt is the one I’ve been traveling in, I picked it up at the local Meijer store, it’s extremely soft and easy to wear. I like the curved hems of shirts this year, I think they are more flattering that shirts that are just straight across. The shorts are Liz Claiborne, I like the length of these, I think they’re flattering without being too short. The sandals are a brand called Vionic. They have an amazing arch, and they are worth every penny you pay for them. I can walk for miles in them and my feet never hurt.

So I still haven’t found a perfect case, or a perfect bag for carrying the case, but I’m still looking and am open to suggestions!

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