The Book Club

My daughter introduced me to Reese Witherspoons Book Club. It’s called “Hello Sunshine”. Their mission statement says: Hello Sunshine is on a mission to change the narrative for women.”

Others have told me about Oprah’s Book Club and Good Reads, both of which have had good books, but The Hello Sunshine book club has books that I love every single time. How often does that happen? You find something that fits you to a ‘T’?

I feel that way about the Whole 30 way of eating….. for the most part… I readily admit that when I’m on vacation or at a special occasion, I indulge in chocolate or dessert, some sugary yumminess. But otherwise this “whole” eating makes my body and joints feel good, helps me to sleep deep and without waking up, and I never get those afternoon drowsies. Seriously, I don’t get tired in the afternoon!

And I keep it simple following this eating habit, I don’t make meals that have 5-10 + ingredients. I make lean meats, potatoes (sweet or sometimes white potatoes) and vegetable most of the time. I use the grill or the air fryer and it just takes minimal prep and time. Every now and again I make soup or spaghetti squash with Simply Ragu Red Sauce, the spaghetti squash being the hardest part and I either poke a bunch of holes in it and microwave it, or I toss it in the crock pot.

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