The First Sunday of Lent

Here I sit in Cocoa Beach Florida, a weekend respite after my chasing baseball all around central Florida all week (actually is was $400 cheaper to fly out Monday, rather than Sunday so I took an extra day). It’s the first Sunday of Lent and as we always do when we’re not at home, we googled the nearest Catholic church to find a Mass.

That’s one of the great perks of being Catholic I always say, just find the closest church and pick a Mass. You’ll always be welcome, you’ll always know what is going to happen during the service and when it i will happen. The only caveat to this is if the Mass is said in Latin or in Spanish, although even in that case you would know what is happening when, just maybe not understand all the words.

Most Catholics choose to ‘give something up’ during Lent, that sacrifice meaning to replicate the sacrifice that God made by sending us his son. And while I appreciate that giving up of chocolate or diet coke for 40 days, I’ve decided in the past few years to choose something to DO for Lent, to enhance my spiritual side, to try to add more GOOD to the world. Sacrifice my sinful thoughts, intentions and deeds for something that more reflects what HE would have us do.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as choosing to have understanding for why people are the way they are. Because you know most are not like me and don’t ‘do it’ like me~ which means their way must be wrong, their thoughts must be wrong, how they feel must be wrong…… But who says I’m right? Take a moment to understand the why. Why is that person being crabby…. maybe they aren’t meaning to be so, maybe they just suffered a terrible loss and haven’t found their smile again yet; Why does that person choose to go 45 mph in a 65 mph speed zone ~ maybe they just had their wisdom teeth pulled and don’t have anyone who can drive them home.

I call it having Grace, and it is definitely something I struggle with, but I’m a work in progress and Lent gives me the opportunity to remind myself that we all have our own struggles, our own fears, our own insecurities. Let’s have Grace for one another, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

My world is a better place since discovering Rodan + Fields! Hit me up (young people slang) if you want to know more!

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