Jumpsuits 2019

I’m reading that jumpsuits and rompers are still hot for this summer, but whose ideas was this anyway? Have you ever left your house in a once piece romper? Are you someone who drinks your 64 fluid ounces of water every day? This is NOT a good combination, if you get my meaning.

I mean really, these rompers and jumpsuits looks fantastic, the long pants version is very slimming and looks great on most bodies, but so impractical. I’m more inclined to wear a long flowey pant, like this one I found at Target today. Link Here. This is a brand I haven’t seen before, but I liked these several pieces that I saw. I don’t have any more room in my suitcase to take things home, so I’ll try to order these online, Target has 2 day shipping.

I had a great time this week in central Florida this week, watching Jackson play baseball. College tournaments are a whole new experience for me, I liked the quality of the baseball I was watching. I look forward to many more games! The resort that we stayed at was absolutely fantastic as well. 3 golf courses, 5 pools, a lazy river, 5 restaurants, at least one alligator, a large family of raccoons, a very large bird and it’s mate on their nest, ducks, geese and a whole variety of birds. My only complaint about the whole deal, the entire place was that they don’t have a dedicated walking/jogging path, and on parts of the road the shoulder is very ,very narrow. And one of the golf courses had a do not walk on cart path, the other one did not, but it seems rather risky. If you’re ever in the Orlando area, I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake.

I also highly recommend Rodan + Fields. I had a mom friend try the new “Spotless” on her son, within a week the grandma was commenting on how good his face looked. Truly Amazing results.


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