Who’s Your Person

Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Do you know that term that Meridith and Cristina us about each other, “my person”. They were each other’s person. Not best friend, not spouse, not lover, just their person. That one person you first think to call when something happens or are having a crisis. That one person who understands it all, but even if they don’t just ‘are there’ for whatever IT is. Totally different than your spouse, who hopefully is your best friend and there for it all with you, who hopefully you share all with and have a beautiful relationship with (like I am blessed to have), your person is just there, doesn’t necessarily have a vested interest in your job, marriage, family (although they might). You don’t choose your person, and they don’t choose you, it just happens….

My person is my friend Trisha. She’s been my person for a very long time, she gets me, she puts me back on the rails, she reels me in when needed and commiserates with me when I need that too. She’s been my person for a very long time. It just happened, we didn’t choose it. I’m so blessed that she lives within 10 minutes, works just across the hall from me and taught my children when they were younger. She’s my vacation buddy, my work buddy, my raising kids is exhausting buddy, my chasing kids & their sports is exhausting buddy, my complain about the female body buddy, my beach and pool buddy, my we’ve got history buddy … I certainly wouldn’t want to do this thing called ‘life’ without her.

Side note here, this absolutely does not take anything away from the relationship that I have with my amazingly wonderful, I adore him, he’s my rock and my hero husband, by any means. He just doesn’t always get the ‘female body side’ of stuff, or understand my love of the beach/pool/water or shopping. And that’s okay, he highly encourages my need for gal pal time, and understands it as he has his own needs that I support and encourage.

I hope you too have a person, someone who ‘gets you’, I’m blessed to have Trisha (and my other “person” Mark)!!

Speaking of getting someone, look what I found at Disney Springs (which used to be Downtown Disney…..when did that change? and is now a GINORMOUS outdoor shopping and eating arena) with my dear friend Lisa who is hanging out in Orlando with me this week, my friend Lisa who is an expert in all things dessert…. A cupcake ATM… and it really was! The choices came up on the screen, you chose what you wanted, paid and it popped out the little door! It’s probably a good thing we don’t have one of those, especially a drive up one in Big Rapids! While wearing my new sweater in a gorgeous light blue and white stripe from TJ Maxx . I found this while out shopping on our rain delay day…..!

Come visit my Rodan + Fields page for all of your skincare needs, or if you too would like to sit pool side while you’re working, instead of in a stuffy office!

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