Old Friends, New Friends

I am so blessed to have amazing friends, from all different times of my life, in places all over the world, who bless me on a daily basis.  I grew up an ‘Air Force Brat”  and lived in 6 different states and 6 different homes before I even got into high school.  Just before my freshman year of high schoolmy dad retired from the Air Force and we returned to he and my mom’s home town in rural Illinois.  Galva, Illinois is the name of my hometown, population 2400. My mother is from the village of Bishop Hill, 5 miles away, population200. 

We moved there from Sacramento, California to say it was a culture shock would be an understatement. But once school started, and I joined the volleyball team (smart move to those who move a lot, join something, anything to get to know people;  sports, band, choir, a church group,something).  I quickly integrated into small town life, made friends, realized that this small town, small high school, small class of 1984 was something special.  I’m not sure what the official graduation number from our class was, 64 maybe, but with a few exceptions for various reasons, this class was, still is, tight. Thank you world wide web;  so many of us still stay in touch, follow each other on facebook and instagram.  Snapchatting fun picture and just staying connected.  I don’t get home as often as I would like,and the past few years when I have, I’ve only had a short time so only had thetime to visit with my family in a neighboring town, but now that I won’t havemy entire summer spent chasing baseball tournaments around the united state, I’ll make more of an effort to reconnect in person.

Just last week, one of my dearest girlfriends from high school messaged me about my blog, saying kind words, letting me know she was reading and that she felt reconnected because of it.  What an amazing reach out, it touched my heartand made me glad I had decided to start this blog.  And made me start to thinking too, how special, how important relationships are, and how important it is to nurturethem and take care of them and that the truly important thing in life isconnecting with those people that are important to you.  She reminded me that she knew all about mylove of fashion, for If I recalled, she came to visit me my freshman year at Western Illinois University and ended up spending a week because she got snowed in and we spent the whole time being fashionable, and I think there were some fashion photos involved!

Military friends are like this too, you spend so much time together when you are stationed together, and then you move hundreds or thousands of miles apart, but even after not seeing each other for years, when you’re reconnected it’s like you were never apart. Whether it’s shared experiences, whether it is because no one has family there so we become like family or whether it’s some other reason, it’s an amazing part of military life.

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