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When I was looking for a new skincare line, I kept coming back to Rodan + Fields. I was just looking for something to purchase to “ease the aging process”. The more I talked with people, the more reading and research I did, the more I began to think “maybe I need to join these people”.

The products are amazing, we’ve all seen someone who uses Lash Boost, who has everyone asking if they got lash extensions. The before and after of the the Reverse line and the Unblemish line are amazing. But the people, the consultants, the training, the community…. It drew me in. It’s all very professional, very businesslike and very supportive.

The amount of excitement over the new “Spotless” Acne System has been amazing. The excitement of the consultants, the excitement of the R + F scientists and the excitement of future customers. It’s contagious, the positive culture of this company. It reminds me of the meme that I’ve seen lately about fixing other women’s crowns.

Just listen to the quotes from Diane Dietz (CEO & President of Rodan + Fields) when interviewed by Forbes Magazine:
“They were really focused on trying to create entrepreneurial opportunities for women and obviously focus on building a great brand that is really rooted in dermatology heritage,” says Dietz. “So the more I heard from them and learned about the brand I literally just fell in love with that.” …….. “….I don’t think it should really be about female or male leading. I think diversity is key to winning and it’s something I’ve always believed in,” she observes. “Even when I came to Rodan & Fields, I had a team where there was a very high number of women, and I felt it’s important to have that balance and men and women on that team. So it is really to me all about creating a diverse organization where you look at multiple levels of diversity, not just gender. The more diverse your team is, you will get to a better conclusion. And I think we will win disproportionately against the non-diverse team.

Who WOULDN”T want to be a part of this team? Consider joining me, the company is global, already in US, Canada and Australia… who knows where it will go next! All this is one of the reasons it it such a great opportunity for military spouses, portable careers we call them.

Check us out:

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