Capsule Wardrobe

We are getting ready to head to the airport in a few hours after a wonderful weekend spending time with Katie in her temporary city (DC) and dear friends in Alexandria. Before we left I decided not to ‘overpack’, which I ALWAYS do, so I followed a couple of the ‘capsule wardrobes’ on Pinterest. You know mix and match, only 1 or 2 bottoms, only take what you are going to wear and what goes with everything else. It proved to be a little challenging, I’m a “prepare for any event kind of traveler” (okay, person in general).

I kept to black bottoms and tops that were black and white. I chose black jeans (NYMJ skinny Marilynn jeans) dark black not faded so they would look more like slacks instead of jeans) and a pair of black ‘stretchy’ pants, which look like slacks but feel like yoga pants (QVC “Women with Control” slim leg with tummy control).

For tops, I chose a black and white stripe 3/4 sleeve, v-neck with rounded bottom top from . I put a floral necklace with it to dress it up for dinners. A short sleeve ruffle sleeve black and white striped top from . This one had a different neckline so I chose a long necklace to go with this one. For church and for our evening at the Kennedy center I packed a black sleeveless top from Vince Camuto and a black and white textured duster. I also through in a long lightweight sweater from Maurices to travel on the plane with as I know it will be cold when we return to Michigan. A black lightweight zip up vest from Kohls and a light black zip up jacket with a ruffle front zipper also from QVC finished out the packing.

Two pairs of shoes, a pair of dressier ‘tennis’ shoes from QVC and a pair of low heeled boots from Earth so each out fit could go either way but each pair of shoes good for walking the miles and mile we do in DC. I wore the boots on the plane as they are much heavier than the tennis shoes.

Made for easy packing and easy decisions. Always looked nice so I may travel like this more often. Let’s see what I can pull off for 10 days in Florida!

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