Puppies, puppies, puppies

Those of you who know me, know that we recently lost our beloved black lab, Ebony. She had a wonderful life, lived to almost 14 years old and lived and traveled all over the United States. She was a native of South Dakota, her lineage was service dogs. She was the ‘runt’ of the litter and for whatever reason didn’t have the aptitude for being a service dog. That was okay with us, we adopted her and she was a wonderful part of our family.

Isn’t it amazing how ingrained in every part of our lives our pets become? As the months go on without Ebony, I’m amazed at the slight changes that I’m just realizing we did around the house to adapt our home to be safe. And if you ever have had a lab, you may know what I mean. Ebony loved, loved, LOVED food. We always said she would sell her soul to the devil for a morsel. One time one of our older boys made a sandwich in the kitchen, turned around to pull something out of the fridge, and when he turned back around, that sandwich was nowhere to be seen, not even a crumb, and Ebony was slinking off the the other room….. GUILTY!

There was not garbage can she couldn’t get into, and she was so crafty that one year just before Thanksgiving she taught herself to open the downstairs refrigerator. Goodbye pumpkin pies! But despite all of this we loved her dearly and accommodated things around the house for her. The most visible thing we did was we put our garbage cans on counters, because of course no baby lock on any cupboard could keep her out. Last week I bought a garbage can with a lid that now sits on the floor (where it should) and it’s a sad reminder of our old gal.

Ironically, in the last week FOUR of my friends had posted lab and lab mix puppies. They are adorable and I love looking at them. As much as I love looking at them, I’m (we’re) just not ready for a new puppy. Partly because I am not ready to ‘replace’ Ebony and partly because I REMEMBER how much work puppies are…… OH BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!! Someday….. maybe……

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