Best Neighbors Ever

Today we are of on the 20th day of school missed this year for weather conditions (snow and ice), brutal temperatures, a boil water advisory for our town and power outages. This many days of missed school is unprecedented, and as it is only the middle of February there may be a few more. No one knows the answer to making up these missed days off, and there is much debate about it, but I have complete confidence in the superintendent having to make these calls and am very thankful I don’t have this responsibility.

Today was a day off due to a very large number of inches of snowfall. About halfway through the day I heard the mail truck out by the road and decided since I couldn’t make it to the gym today, I would grab the shovel and get a workout in. Much to my surprise (well, no this didn’t surprise me) when I looked out the door, there were two of my neighbors with their snow-blowers, moving all the snow out of the two-car driveway and the sidewalks as well. The best part of this story is we don’t have just have amazing neighbors and friends on the south side of us, we also have amazing neighbors and friends on the north side of us.

We do Taco Tuesday every Tuesday (as schedules allow) and a big Christmas celebration. We not only celebrate birthday’s together, the Mr. to the south SHARES my same birthdate (the year born are just a few apart). To add to the fun of this whole thing, the Mr. to the north and the Mr. to the right were HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS WITH MY HUSBAND! It’s a laugh a minute on Lilac Avenue.

We’ve moved a lot over the years as an Air Force family, and we’ve been blessed and lucky each and every time. I don’t know how I would’ve survived the desert without my neighbors Tammy and Laura. Tammy and I explored a lot of southern California together, her sunny smile, lovely southern drawl and infectious laugh making each day a joy. I learned much about the finer things of life from my friend Laura, including how to be confident and how important skin care is .

Each place we’ve lived we’ve been lucky enough to call our neighbors our friends. How blessed are we?

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