Worth the Price.

I recently found these amazing produce containers and bought several of them. I have been storing fruit and vegetables in them, and literally my fruit is lasting twice as long as in regular containers, vegetables even longer and this second type of container has had fresh cilantro and fresh spinach in it for two week and it’s still perfectly fresh. Rubbermaid makes them, they are called “FreshWorks”.

These containers are a little pricey, between $10 and $15 each but worth every penny to not have to throw that fruit away after a few days because it began spoiling. Isn’t that how things often are? Spend or invest a little bit extra and reap the rewards.

I’ve been stressing about how to get everything that I need to take into a ‘carry-on’ for this long weekend trip, and then what if I get on the plane and there’s no room in the overhead for my bag, will I have to throw anything away because I forgot you can’ t take it on with you. Then I realized, this was one of those times when it is just worth the money to spend a little extra and check my regular size suitcase and let the experts handle it for me.

Normally we fly Southwest. I love their customer service, the ease of making changes if you have to and… you guessed it….. the two free checked bags! We have such a short time in DC, we wanted to make the most of every moment, so we chose an American Airline flight because it was non-stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like saving money when I can, but I firmly believe there are things that are definitely worth the cost.

Which leads me to my last point, this Rodan + Fields business I am now a part of has proven to me again that you get what you pay for. The quality of this product is unbelievable, even Mark noticed how wonderful my skin feels and looks. Just wait until the last boost kicks in, Va va voom! kimberlybrejcha.myrandf.com

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