The Struggle Bus

Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook “Please tell me I’m not the only one who cannot seem to have everything going great at home and work all at the same time…. I am having trouble with balance and peace a both places”. Whew, the responses to that post… mostly from mothers, every one of whom knew exactly what she was talking about.

Haven’t we ALL felt like that, sometimes on a daily basis? The trouble with Facebook, and social media in general, is that most of us only post the “good stuff” so it appears like everyone has perfect lives. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure NONE of us have perfect lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love homecoming season when everyone posts the pictures of their teenagers, and keeping up with my family and friends scattered all over the world. We just have to remember that Facebook isn’t a clothes line, we don’t hang our ‘dirty laundry’ there, so (hopefully) you only see the good. But everyone has struggles, problems, challenges sometimes even bad things happen. We all are passengers on the “struggle bus” sometimes.

Speaking of bus….. and driving…. with this ’empty nest’ thing this year, we are breaking up a tradition. I’m not sure if I am going to like it or love it. Since 2003 we have driven to Destin, Florida for spring break. The Destin area is one of my favorite places on earth. When we first started going our kids were really little and we would rent these adorable “old florida’ type townhouses called “Sea Cabins”.I liked the simplicity of them (and they were very affordable). As the kids got bigger, we outgrew them and moved over to an area called Holiday Isle. I liked the quiet of that area and the ability to walk to restaurants. The last several years we moved to a very centrally located gated community called “Emerald Shores”. We moved over this way for two reasons; we now have at least a dozen families from here in Big Rapids who travel down to vacation there at the same time, and that was a lot more for our teenagers to do without driving (the traffic during spring break is pretty thick).

We have always driven down to Destin, it has been part of the adventure. We have our favorite towns to stop in (Franklin, TN ~ eat at Merridees Bread Basket ) and our favorite routes (take 331 through Luverne and De Funiak Springs…. don’t forget to stop at the Piggly Wiggly and get boiled peanuts in Florala). The climate changes as we drive south, and the landscape changes as well. You know spring is on the way when you start seeing the purple bushes around Kentucky! This year we are FLYING! Definitely will be quicker, and easier on the knees and back, but I think I may miss the memories along the way.

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