There’s no family like a military family

Mark and I are going out to visit our daughter Katie in a few weeks.  She’s doing an internship in Washington DC  with one of the members of congress.  We are so proud of her and in awe of the way she is choosing to conduct herself during her college years:  Austria for a study abroad, New Orleans for a mission trip, Washington DC for an honors semester with an internship…..   She continues to amaze us with her courage and her need to do good things.  As she is there for the entire semester, we are taking a long weekend to go visit her and our nation’s capital.  The bonus is that some of our dear, dear friends live there.  They are a shining example of how amazing our Air Force family is. Let me share a story about how truly wonderful these two are:

In 2006 we were stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming (pretending to be cowboys for a couple of years), it was mid October and my 40th birthday with the moving van in the driveway for our PCS move to Minot, North Dakota.    The movers were finishing up loading our 10,000 pounds of household goods when a devastating call came.  My 67 year old father had suffered a massive heart attack and had died.  We were stunned and heartbroken.  My always wonderful and calm in a storm husband took charge.  He got the movers situated, took some leave time and got all of us to Illinois for the funeral.

In the meantime our new friend from Minot (we love you Sue) and her husband, Mark’s new boss, asked for permission to “accept” our moving van (Mark took care of the paperwork).  We were so grateful that our moving van full of everything we own wasn’t going to go sit in a warehouse somewhere to sit for who knows how long. 

After a week of taking care of all the details of my father’s funeral and estate and helping my mother with all there is to help with, we headed to Minot, ND.  We figured to take the drive in two days, check into billeting on base for a couple of days until we could get in and find sheets, towels, etc so we could stay in our new house.  When we got to Minot, we drove to the new house to see our new home, still thinking we would take a quick look and move on over to the on-base lodging for a few days. 

What we didn’t know is that our friends had been busy, and rounded up other new friends to help them. We arrived at that new home with all of our beds set up with sheets on them, boxes in all the appropriate room, towels in the bathrooms, the fridge fully stocked and there was even a basket full of baked goods from the Minot enlisted spouses club (thank you Alisha) on the counter with fresh flowers by it. It was one of the most generous, thoughtful things anyone has ever done for us. 

I miss our Air Force family, I love our town now and our life here, but I truly miss the love, support and closeness of my Air Force family!

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