Cross-body or not

When we travel I usually use a cross body purse to keep my hands free but when I look back at photos sometimes I don’t like the way they look on me. So are cross body purses for the young and super thin or can we “more mature” ladies pull it off?

As I’m mentioned, we’re heading to visit Katie in DC in a few weeks. We’re going for a long weekend, so we’re not planning to check any bags, I’m a HUGE over-packer (and I don’t know why because I usually shop while I’m traveling and find something to wear) so confining it all to carry on is definitely going to be a challenge for me.

I’ve been doing some FBI-level research and have pinned on Pinterest a very large number of ‘capsule’ wardrobes. When I start this process, I’ll keep you posted with pictures. Wish me luck.

We aren’t ‘planning’ a whole lot for this trip, really the main reason we’re going is to visit Katie, but there are a couple of things we have on our bucket list. Mark is planning to do a project with his 6th grade classes this year involving MAG International (Mines Advisory Group) he got inspired after watch the movie/documentory “Blood Road”, so he wants to visit their offices in DC, Katie wants to share the baseball exhibit at the Library of Congress with us and the tour of the American Catholic University chapel. I think we should take a tour of the Capitol building as well with HER as our tour guide!

She says the farmers market at DuPont Circle on Sunday will be awesome and there is a little Greek restaurant right by it we have to try. Wish us well, I’ll share pics!

2 thoughts on “Cross-body or not

  1. Okay honest opinion don’t cross over. Use a shoulder purse or believe it or not a fancy pack. Yep you read it right. They are on the rise. Cool one of course. Looking forward to your pics
    Be safe. Blessings Pamela


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