Empty Nest again…

I always tell people “empty nesting is such a bittersweet thing, I love my kids and love spending time with my kids, miss them terribly when they are gone, but LOVE all this newfound time with my amazing hubby and time for me.” Furthermore let me tell you, every time they’re home for any amount of time and then leave again, I miss them AGAIN.

Two weeks ago, Jackson called from school to tell me he thought he had the flu. I gave the usual advise; rest, fluids, pain reliever if necessary. He called me again the next day “Mom, it’s getting worse, feels like I’m swallowing glass”. Oh boy, that makes my mom radar scream “STREP”. So I sent him off to the urgent care to get a diagnosis and a prescription if needed. My diagnosis was correct (after all I have watched Gray’s Anatomy for 15 years), strep throat it was. So after filling his antibiotic prescription, he went back to his apartment and climbed into bed. He checked in the next day ~ still not feeling better (Jackson, sometimes it takes 24-48 hours before you start to feel better), checked in again the next day ~ still not better and in fact much worse. I had him Facetime me and say “aaahhhh”. OH MY! His tonsils were so swollen I could barely see down his throat and they were now completely white. I sent him urgently back to urgent care, now this mama was getting really worried. Followup check was diagnosed as strep AND mono.

For those of you who don’t know him, Jackson is a collegiate baseball player in his first year of college. Here in Michigan the weather doesn’t always cooperate with baseball, so they start their season indoors and right after Christmas break. He was RIGHT in the heat of the start of season folks, this was not good. So he got the clearance from his doctor to come home, not knowing when he would be going back, and started the 2 hour drive home…. IN A SNOWSTORM.

He followed up the next morning with his primary physician (still his pediatric physician who is AMAZING ~ why would he ever want to change?!) and was given strict instructions for rest and fluids. He has followed these instructions to a “T”, added some herbal and natural kicks as well (my kids refer to this as mom-voodoo) and is doing so well he is heading back to to school today and can resume practice tomorrow (AS LONG AS HE LISTENS TO HIS BODY).

I realized yesterday how much I was going to miss him again. I am spoiled now having him around (and even more so because we were off of school THE ENTIRE LAST WEEK DUE TO WEATHER) and I have to say good-bye again. Of course I’ll be fine, I will go back to school myself tomorrow, get back to my gym routine, my maybe I want to cook tonight, maybe I don’t routine. I’ll work on my new business venture (YEAH Rodan + Fields) and continue my blog. I’ll be traveling to see Katie in a few weeks in Washington DC and then to Florida to watch Jackson play baseball. But I will treasure these last few weeks, taking care of my kiddo and I give thanks God for healing him so he can go back to pursuing his passion.

I often quote Mark’s favorite parenting line “this parenting thing isn’t for cowards” ‘cuz if you’re doing it right, it can be downright hard!

One thought on “Empty Nest again…

  1. Love this! Yeah parenting is not for cowards! And you and Mark a one of the good ones😘 glad Jackson is back at it ❤️⚾️


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