Olive Green

For a while I did the “dip” method of getting my nails done.  But after a few times of getting them redone, I really didn’t like how the drummel felt on my nail beds.  So now before events or travel I go get a gel polish put on them.  But in the mean time I do sometimes like to have color on my nails so I use this wonderful gel topcoat by Kokie.  When I do, my self-manicure lasts a good week (as long as I wear rubber gloves when I do the dishes). 

When I use a unique color (like this olive green, the same green I wore daily in my early Air Force Career) I feel the need to wear outfits all week that match my nails (does anyone else do this or is it the OCD part of me rearing up?). Notice in all photos below you can see the Olive on my nails. I promise to upgrade these ‘selfies to real photos very soon SO thanks for your patience.

Found this great olive green jacket from a company called Charter Club at Macy’s, the dark denim pants were George from Wal Mart, the white blouse is a non-iron (my FAVE) from Talbots…. I LOVE Talbots and the fun booties were from QVC.

The dress is from a direct sales company called Honey & Lace~ now called Piphany  (I have a weakness for Paisleys) and the jacket from Kohls. A basic pair of black leggings and ballet type slippers from LifeStrides (I love these so much I have them in 4 colors).

This green waterfall sweatshirt jacket is Ava Liv from Target.  The pants are Briggs brand from Macys and THESE BOOTS are Vionic  from QVC.  The comfort of these shoes is AMAZING.

To finish off the week (must have been a four day school week), these Briggs olive green pants with a couple of seasons old American Rag Company blouse.  Same, but different color, Life Stride flats and a bracelet from Brighton Jewelry to finish it off.

Thanks for your patience with the mirror selfies, and as I continue to learn about blogging and the technical part of it, I will include links and all kinds of fun stuff like that!  This here is the link to the Vionic Shoes on QVC, at some point I’ll figure out how to put it where it actually belongs.



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