Fashion Merchandising

Here’s a fun fact about me that not many people know; When I graduated from high school in 1984 I went to Western Illinois University and majored in fashion merchandising.  My dream was to be a buyer for a Marshall Fields in Chicago.  What I didn’t know until my second semester (maybe this is where my FBI-level researching started) was that at that time fashion merchandising was more of an art major than a business major.  I am certainly no artist.  I knew that before college and I confirmed that in my first art class, and even more in my second art class.  Needless to say I did not continue along this path.  I floundered for a few months, not knowing what I wanted to do.  6 months later I enlisted in the United States Air Force (a life I knew thanks to growing up as an Air Force ‘brat’) and spent the next 4 years traveling the world and discovering who I was.  After 4 years, using my GI Bill, I went back to college here in my adopted hometown of Big Rapids, Michigan at Ferris State University, and finished my bachelor’s degree in….  actuarial science, the total and complete opposite of fashion merchandising!  Turns out, math was my thing.

I’m like a teen selfie queen, until I get my photographer to jump on the bandwagon,
mirror shots it is!

But I never lost my love for fashion.  Clothing, accessories, shoes, purses… I love it all.  I’m ecstatic that Pinterest came along,  I just type in a key word like ‘grey jeans’ and so many ideas on how to wear them and what to wear them with pops up.  And along with Pinterest, and found in Pinterest, comes so many fashion blogs.  The possibilities are endless: young, old, casual, chic, business, pleasure, plus-size, petite… the list goes on and on.  One of my favorites is fiftyisnotold, I love Tania’s sense of style and sense of humor.  She also is my inspiration for Rodan & Fields.

These days, the students at St. Mary’s are the ones who get to enjoy Mrs. Brejcha’s sense of fashion and although the audience may be a bit young,  it’s worth the effort to me!  My fashion sense is going to be challenged the next few months when I travel via airplane rather than driving (we usually drive where  there is no limit to the amount of luggage I can bring!).  I’m going to try using some of the ‘capsule’ wardrobes off of Pinterest as my inspiration.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

First day fashions with my favorite kindergarten teacher. I never wear bracelets on my right wrist, that’s where I rest if for my mouse, it gets in the way!

Stay warm out there, it’s record cold out there this week…. Florida is looking better and better! And don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of this page to receive my blog daily!

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