I think the hardest part thus far of starting a blog is choosing a name!  After much reflection the title “myfiftyplusjourney” was born.  It means many things to me.  It means being over the age of 50, which is different than being in your 40’s or your 30’s or especially your 20’s.  Not in a bad way.  Being over 50 just brings you to a different season in your life.  My kids are all grown or in college, we’re empty nesters for the first time this year.  I have more time to focus on myself, which opens a whole slew of new doors.  The plus part of myfiftyplusjourney could mean I am fifty PLUS years old (52 right now to be exact or it could mean I am a plus-size women (who happens to love fashion).  The word journey could mean “let’s see if I stay a plus size woman”……. Or it could mean follow me on this new skin care journey I’m about ready to embark on with the company Rodan & Fields…… Or the journey part of the name of my blog could also mean that life is a journey, or the fact that I love to travel and am always looking for a journey  to go on .

just turned 50 here with our youngest child

Every blog instructional article tell you to specialize: be a fashion blogger, be a travel blogger, be a foodie  blogger, be a mommy blogger…  I think my specialty will be life in my fifties!  So often I come across things that I just need to share with someone; a good deal on clothing, a wonderful restaurant, an amazing place to vacation or even some random story of someone doing good in this world, and I just need to share things like that!

My introduction:  I’m Kim Brejcha (pronounced Breck-a),  I have an amazing husband, 2 beautiful children, 3 terrific step-children (7 great step-grandchildren), 1 dog and 1 cat.  I live in west central Michigan in a small-ish town where my husband is a 4th generation resident and I’m a school secretary at a local parochial school.  My people come from north central Illinois (where I went to high school) but growing up my dad was in the Air Force and then after one year of college in Illinois I enlisted in the Air Force and after that moved to Michigan to get my college degree, where I later met my husband and joined him on his Air Force journey

Thought for next post: How many of you have tried whole30?

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